We at Rock polymers have been serving the polyurethane wear product industry since 1995.

With the help of many users of polyurethane wear products we offer a wide product range from screens, to belt wipers, screw flight liners, to chute lining material.

We have been able to not only grow but keep our 1st customer. This is a value we hold to this day.

By using quality materials and craftsmenship in our production facility. We stand behind our products and name with confidence. By communicating with our customers to learn their particular needs we continue to expand and find ways to serve new products for the industry.



We have both forms of molding processes in house to better serve the customers need. We utilize computer aided design for tooling to insure accuracy and repeatability with the least amount of development time.



To provide a service to the construction industries including concrete, aggregate, coal, and mining. Also agricultural and farm industries including conveyors, fertilizers and chute and bin lining.